Outstanding Divorce Lawyer

John Yohanan is an impeccable, knowledgeable, and deeply compassionate professional, who guided me through my difficult and emotionally draining divorce. I knew that I could trust this man as soon as I heard his voice on the telephone when I first reached out to him, in my stunned and shattered state of mind. John Yohanan is simply one of the nicest people I have ever met. He seemed to understand my grief, and accepted it as part of the course, without letting it interfere with the process. He used a gentle but firm hand to educate me, inform me of my options, to provide his expert opinion, and to help me make decisions at each step of the divorce, even when I had no strength to make any decisions. I couldn't have done this without John Yohanan on my side, and I could not imagine a better attorney for anyone who is going through the hard process of divorce.

The finest attorney

When unexpectedly the dreadful time came in my life and I had to find a divorce attorney for myself, John was the first attorney whom I consulted and hired him next day. Though people advised me to interview at least three- four attorneys before hire one, but I didn't feel the need to meet any other attorney after meeting John. I was clueless and didn't have much info about financial aspect. During my first meeting, John patiently answered my every question and put my mind at ease. Later he gave me his valuable advise and told me what he thinks will be the best approach for me. He was very clear in explaining all of that. I was impressed by his deep knowledge, patience, and pleasantness. Through-out my court case I was well informed of every little thing by John. His approach of handling the case was well formed and precise to the main points. He doesn't waste time and money of his client. In fact, he is very reasonable in his billing. I am very pleased with John's work and highly recommend him.

Review of Mr. Yohanan

Mr. Yohanan is a true professional. He not only is an expert on divorce law, he actually did what he said he was going to do. He accurately predicted my costs and time line, and was always available when needed. I highly recommend him.

Truly Awesome Attorney

My case was one of the simplest but its resolution was getting complex with time. I was having a really tough time with my first lawyer, he actually did more harm than good. I then interviewed a lot of attorneys and finally chose Mr. Yohanan. The day he started handling the case, it was different. Mr. Yohanan is very thorough professional and a kind human being. Mr. Yohanan did quite an intensive research in my case and had been very ethical in dealing with everything. One of the rare lawyers who make this profession respectable to date. I have been very fortunate to have him as my attorney and he really made my case go from a loser to a winner. I would highly recommend him if you are in this situation.

Very Happy - Single again!

When I contacted John on the phone, he explained the process, what it would take, what it would cost and approximately how long it would take. He was quite personable and we got along great.
I live out of state, but my ex lives there in SJ and on the advice of an attorney here, I was told it would be more advantageous to file there. For me, it was totally hands off. We did all the paperwork remotely and it went without any problems.
John handled everything and kept me appraised of progress and even dealt with my ex (a feat in and of itself).
Overall, the process took a bit longer than expected, but it had nothing to do with John. It was delays in the court administration, but again, he kept both parties informed.
Oh, because things went so well and took less of his time than expected, he is refunding some of my retainer.
I won't need a divorce lawyer again, but I can heartily recommend John Yohanan - especially if you are out of state and need someone to represent your interests in SJ.

Highly recommended attorney

I would not hesitate to refer anyone to John Simon Yohanan who needs Family Law Service.He takes time to listen to you and care about you and your situation. John helped to bring along, hard-fought case to a conclusion . He care about his client and is timely ,efficient and effective. John was up front with me from the start and provided honest and quality guidance based on my particular circumstances and very difficult long divorce case. I highly recommend John to anyone looking for quality representation.I will never be able to thank him enough. I respect him and all his good work done for me.

From a former client

I hired John Yohanan to represent me on a divorce case. My divorce had the added difficulty that I was living abroad. He is a highly knowledgeable attorney , reliable and trustworthy. Besides, he is compassionate to the client's needs. He has made sure I always had all the information and paperwork I needed. I would definitely hire him again!

From Isiah

I hired John to represent me in a very difficult divorce. John had to work on me, as much as he had to work on my case. Divorce is difficult , when your name or reputation is called into question.
John in his calming voice,taught me how to be patient. I stay in touch with John often just to seek words of advice ,legal and personal .
This man really knows his way around a courtroom. His 37 years of experience exudes from him.
Most importantly John negotiated a very amicable divorce settlement on my behalf.

From a Very Satisfied Client, a Family client

I first met John in 2007 to seek his professional opinion on my international custody and support case. Since then John was engaged as my attorney of record and through working with him, my faith in family law attorney's has been restored.

John has provided professional guidance and leadership through very challenging court litigation. His calm approach and sound advice has assisted me to achieve balanced court orders and time time with my child.

He is a thorough professional. He is tenacious, experienced, very knowledgeable, and his costs have been transparent and within agreed expectations. I would highly recommend John to anyone seeking a Family Law attorney.

From Linden

John has kept me sane through a very difficult and very lengthy divorce (going on 8 years, half of it with John (he had to clean up the mess the first four years made). It is high stakes, including custody, employment efforts, forensic CPAs, real estate, you name it. My divorce is one for the books. John is extremely competent in all areas, I knew what to expect, he kept me totally involved as the decisions are mine, he calmly told me how to navigate and get me through it. He goes by the law, knows it, and it shows. He is very personable and never gives out the BS I have experienced with others. So if you have the situation where you want a clear, clean, well thought out solution where everyone wins, hire John, he is the best at what he does.

From Brian

Longer than the civil war

A few years ago I had the unfortunate experience of going thru a divorce. Our kids were grown so the only issue was the equal division of our community property...

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From a former client

Great attorney with immense experience in custody and divorce

John Yohanan helped me with my custody and divorce/separation court case. He is highly professional. He is highly experienced...

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From Lloyd

Very Knowledgeable Attorney

Before hiring John to handle my divorce, I interviewed 3 other attorneys, and wasn’t very satisfied with any of them...

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From a former client

Divorce with custody challenges

John is professional, approachable and well connected in the area. He is good at setting your expectations and is not afraid...

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From G.Y.

I approached John many years ago when confronted by divorce summons, backed by multiple false and frivolous claims to get an unfair advantage. In the subsequent years, John patiently taught me CA family law basics and helped me come to terms with an initially overwhelming situation, and start building a successful defense. He expertly fended off multiple opposing lawyers and helped unravel a misguided assault against my hard-earned assets. His expert approach in initial phases of a trial ultimately forced a negotiated compromise settlement. I strongly recommend his service to anyone who may feel overwhelmed and require experienced representation at reasonable cost.


I feel fortunate to have hired Mr. John S. Yohanan to represent me in family court. Following a divorce "between 2 continents" I needed 2 lawyers, one in Europe and one in California. I note the quality of the work of John while comparing with my second lawyer. John always provided poignant advice, by indicating all the possibilities to me and he especially followed my case without having to point out the critical expiries to him. Once definite my needs, I could complete rely on him and it is very important during this time of stress and high emotions not to add additional conflicts. I was very satisfied with the ultimate outcome of the litigation and I have no hesitation in recommending him. Thanks' John!

From MeredithD

John Yohanan is the type of lawyer that is sensitive to the complexity and emotional nature of custody disputes. He is very kind and takes the time to make sure one understands the process of the law. His knowledge of Family law is impressive, he possess the skill to explain what is going on in your case and in the court room. I feel John Yohanan is a man of integrity and poise. I would definitely recommend Mr. Yohanan as a lawyer, who will fight for what his client's best interest.

From JimiJaye

I highly recommend the services of John S. Yohanan. He is an excellent attorney and is extremely professional. He was also able to get something done for us that would normally take any other attorney weeks if not longer. John did it for us in a couple of hours. He knows and values the concerns of his clients and treats people with the utmost integrity. If you are looking for an excellent attorney, look no further than John S. Yohanan.

From craig

I found John Yohanan to be honest in his dealings with my divorce. John was helpful in guiding me through a messy situation; he was accurate in his case law, knowing how it was going to end up monetarily and with split of community property. Several months earlier to the judge's ruling on the case we made an offer that was so close to what the judge handed down it was clear to me John Yohanan knows the legal system. I found his honesty and integrity in this divorce to be a breath of fresh air in such an ugly situation. This sounds like he is a nice man but don't mistake kindness for weakness. John did fight every inch of the way for me! This was a messy divorce.

From forrest2

Mr. John S. Yohanan is very experienced and he knows his client's concerns very well. He is not just a lawyer who does his work but he also takes time to explain what my right is, and suggest what I can do.

I am not a native English speaker but he was very nice and made efforts to explain to me and did great work for my case. I have used the other lawyer for the other issue in the past, but Mr. Yohanan is much better.