Rights and Obligations Under the Sperm Donor Statutes

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With the advances in medical technology available over the past few decades involving fertility, it is important to consider the potential legal rights and obligations of the parties involved.

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As of Jan. 1, 2012, California law provides that men who have donated their semen for the purpose of artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization at a licensed sperm bank, or provided it to a licensed physician or surgeon, forfeit their parental rights of any resulting child conceived. Rights as the natural father are not forfeited if the man and woman in question are married or if the man and woman agreed otherwise in a writing signed before conception.

In this way, a woman or couple can confidently use artificial insemination as a means to get pregnant without the worry of facing a painful custody battle with the man who donated his sperm, whom she (or they) may not even know. On the other hand, having a written and signed agreement from the very beginning that preserves parental rights for a man who donates sperm to a woman he knows can assure him of his right to a relationship with his child, even if she changes her mind down the road.

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