Firm Overview

Santa Clara County Divorce Attorney - John S. Yohanan

If you need a family law attorney who with experience resolving complex family law issues call my  law office for solutions tailored to your specific objectives. I can assist you with child & spousal support, property division, modification of orders and other family law issues.

I have over 40 years of experience with divorce and family law issues in Calaveras County and the Bay Area. I am a 1976 graduate of the Santa Clara University School of Law, and I have concentrated on assisting family law clients for my entire career.

Your Case is Unique

Family law in general is very sensitive to the facts of a specific case, and what works very well for one client might be a terrible choice for another. You may hear or read about the results of someone’s divorce case and believe your results should be the same. Every case, including yours, is unique. Many facts must be considered in resolving your case. Facts from one case to another are never the same.

Unless you come to an agreement the Family Law Judge will make a decision on your case based on the facts and the law. A Family Law Judge is allowed to exercise his or her discretion in arriving at a decision and actual outcomes can be difficult to predict. It is important to have an attorney who understands the potential outcomes and explain them to you in an understandable manner.

For that reason, the best results in a divorce case are usually those achieved by agreement between the parties. My experience represents an advantage to my clients in the negotiated settlement of disputes, because I'm usually able to identify several alternative ways of accomplishing a particular objective. When necessary, however, I'll take my client's case to court with confidence supported by thorough preparation and familiarity with the law.

My experience is also an advantage in cases that involve complex property division problems or divorce taxation issues. I'm admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court, and my awareness of the tax implications of divorce issues has served my clients very well for many years.

Communication is Important

A frequent complaint I hear from prospective clients who seek to change attorneys is that their current attorney fails to timely respond to telephone calls or e-mail. My staff and I do our best to treat you as if you were our only client. You will receive a response to your communications from either me or my staff in a timely manner.

Communication is a two-way street. It is equally as important that a client timely response to his or her attorney’s communications. Throughout your divorce proceeding you will be asked for information and documents. You will help yourself, and reduce your fees, with prompt replies. I am a sole practitioner. When you have a court appearance in your case I will be appearing on your behalf, not a partner or staff attorney who may not be fully aware of the facts of your case. This is important not only to achieve the best results possible for your case but also to minimize your legal fees.