Enforcement of Support Orders

What to Do If Child Support or Alimony Payments have not Been Made?

Enforcement proceedings involve the presentation of facts, most often by written declaration, before a Family Court judge.

There are various remedies to collect unpaid support. The court can issue a writ of execution and assets can be levied. If a paying parent is self-employed the court can order the deposit of up to one year's worth of child support payment into an interest-bearing account. This account acts as security for monthly child support payments.

Contempt of court is also a procedure to enforce and collect past due support. If the judge issues an order of contempt of court, then the person in default on their child support or spousal support payment could be subject to jail time of up to five days for each violation of an effective Family Court decree. Each missed payment is regarded as a separate violation, so jail terms can increase quickly.

In the case of child support payments, especially where the parents were never married, the California Department of Child Support Services can help collect past due support through wage garnishment and revocation of the parent's driver's license or professional licenses. Direct private action through the Family Court system where you or the defaulting parent lives is usually a faster remedy, however.

Other situations where judicial enforcement mechanisms are available to enforce your rights include:

  • Failure to maintain health or other insurance coverage as ordered by the court
  • Refusal to disclose assets
  • Failure to pay marital debts as ordered by the court
A Highly Skilled Calaveras County Child Support Enforcement Attorney

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