Custody / Visitation Modification

Common Reasons for Child Custody Modifications and Alterations to Visitation Agreements

There are a number of reasons why one or both parents may request a modification of an existing child custody order or may want to alter their visitation agreement:

  • A change to one or both parents' schedules or a new schedule for the child
  • A change in employment that allows the non-custodial parent to have more time with the child
  • A change in employment that hampers the custodial parent's ability to spend time with the child
  • A desire by one parent to move far from their current location, making the former child visitation arrangement impossible to maintain

Sometimes parents request a modification of a child custody order in response to the poor behavior of the other parent, as when a parent is consistently late with pick-ups and drop-offs, when a parent feels there is a threat that the other parent may kidnap the child, or when a parent has a concern about child abuse. In all modification situations, having a court approved arrangement is essential but when abuse is suspected, having a court approved arrangement is crucial so that any violations can be immediately addressed and protective orders can be efficiently obtained if necessary.

If you believe that your child's other parent has been abusive or neglectful, you can request that visitation be denied or that it occurs only with supervision. In all of the above situations, having a skilled child custody attorney on your side is vital.

Calaveras County Family Law Attorney for Child Custody and Visitation Modifications

Calaveras County Family Law Attorney John S. Yohanan has helped countless divorced parents in Northern California modify their child custody arrangements. For over 30 years, he has been the divorce and child custody attorney that people throughout call for help with visitation modifications and other alterations to child custody, child support and related issues. Call for a free consultation to receive candid legal advice from an experienced Calaveras County divorce lawyer.

Changing circumstances often lead parents to become more flexible with their child custody and visitation agreements after an arrangement has already been approved. This flexibility may seem beneficial at first, and it's certainly easier to develop an informal agreement with a child's other parent, but informal agreements often develop into problems. For the long-term benefit of the children and parents, any modifications to custody and visitation must be approved by the court.

If you and your child's other parent find that your original child custody agreement is no longer appropriate, consider taking your custody case back to court to seek a modification of the custody order. By seeking a formal modification, you are protecting yourself, your child and your working relationship with the other parent. For help with this process, call an attorney who has been successfully navigating the California family courts for more than three decades.

For legal advice, guidance and aggressive representation that will always put your child's best interests first, call Calaveras County divorce attorney John S. Yohanan at (209) 710-5656 or via our online form.